Sunday, July 06, 2008

Monday 4th September 1939

Parade for identity disks. I again had to march-up a party and kept my hands off my hips this time!

Am using the car when off duty, pending its collection by my Father. Useful for trips between billets, mess-room (a Methodist chapel) and the square.

Took a buzzer class this hot afternoon. We marched briskly into the park then settled under trees and did as little work as possible.

“Can I go and get some ice cream?” asked a bloke.“No” I said sourly but added, “There’s nothing to stop you going across to the lavatory though. See what the others want fetching.”

Met Lois in Market Road at 6 o’clock, when I came off duty. She’d returned from Dorset to Great Yeldham and had a few days holiday. (Hell, I felt sleepy!) We had tea at the Sunbeam, then drove to Stock, Lois following in the Vauxhall.

“You’ve become a soldier and wooden” she said bitterly. I felt wooden but inside a voice that was not wooden whispered, “Oh, Lois!” in dismay.

I’m writing this in the hot attic, skylight closed so that the light will not show. I’m clad in pyjamas. Tiny is not here yet but I’ll turn in. 11:35p.m. and the alarm set for 6:15a.m.


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