Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday 6th April 1940

A quite genuine half holiday. Jack Chenery, Stan Ling and I went to the beach and walked towards Nathanya and peace. We sat on some rocks, lashed by the sea; I climbed the cliffs, which are quite high at that point. There’s a marvellous sense of achievement when one reaches the crest! Jack came up later on and we descended together by a gully, leaping from rock to rock. I had no swimming costume or towel (swimming is only permitted at the scheduled times in the scheduled place, under Section 40 of the Army Act) but had a bathe. The breakers were great sport again.

Afterwards I sat in the sun until I was dry, whilst Jack told a story – the story of Margaret Catchpole, a biography he had read. Ling sat on a rock writing all this time. Jack and I left him there and walked on to Nathanya for tea.

Rumours! We are moving within the next four weeks, although this is said to be our permanent station. Firing Camp? No! There will be no Firing Camp! We’ve no equipment. India? Egypt? France? Why has there been no tropical kit issued? Ah! Quite a large number of men are confident that we shall be sent back to England! “Inshallah!”


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