Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday 7th August 1940

I found the ring late this afternoon, whilst walking towards my tent. The sun was getting low and a ray glinted on a bit of silvery metal just above the surface of the dust. Sheer luck – no, fate! I wasn't looking for it or even thinking about it. I slipped it back on my finger, none the worse and felt like the traditional million dollars. Safe! (So it seemed.) My talisman, symbol of the past was back!

The camp, once about 100 yards square in area now rambles raggedly (dug in, camouflaged tents) for a length of about a mile and a half and is about half a mile wide at it's widest. Nowadays, there are air raids in Palestine; chiefly in the Haifa area but it may be our turn soon.


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