Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Friday 30th August 1940

That was the last drill order. It has now been officially announced that we are moving very soon to Egypt.

On guard tonight, at the vehicle and gun park, otherwise known as “The Swamp”. A hectic afternoon and siesta, cleaning up for guard and getting my kit ready for tomorrows pukka inspection by the GOC. My soul was bitter. “We'll be in the shit soon, “ said someone. “A bloody good job, too!” I snarled. “Anything to get away from this bloody place.”

You have to be very vigilant at the gun park, the orderly officers love to try and get away with a lorry or so. I kept awake until 1:30a.m., prowling around after my own patrols (we devised a pass-word, “Essex”) and then handed over to my second i/c and slept until 5:30a.m.


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