Saturday, December 13, 2008

Checked the stock,with Pat, this afternoon.

Final figures:

Trade value stock £S275.25
Balance of Dr. over Cr. 11.40
Cash in hand 203.05
Total assets £S489.70
Present Assets 489.70
Initial Assets 147.13
Profit £S342.57

It was very nice to hand over to Pat. He's a “steady file” not a pushing, “keen” type. When we'd finished he suggested what had never entered my gloomy head – that I should continue to sleep in the canteen. So we re-arranged the stores in our little bunk room behind the green rush screen and found there was plenty of space for three beds. So for the present, I'll continue to live, as a lodger, in the comfort and privacy of the canteen; besides I can help, as well, when not on duty. I dare say this plan will not suit the Powers and that eventually I'll be sent forth into the outer darkness of the barrack huts. However, the time between means I shan't have too sudden an awakening from my paradise.

Yes, - quite apart from this – it was pleasant to have Pat as a successor. It was difficult to say when my reign ended and his began. Perhaps when he offered me a cup of tea this afternoon, and a cake, and said, “Oh, there's no need to pay for the cake, Steve!” when I dropped a coin in the till.


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