Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 30th January 1943

We move, we move! Abraham has been accepted as an official worker and a small wood-burning stove has been installed in the canteen! Action! This was achieved after much weary plodding to and fro in the snow. It has been a deadly day, but anyhow we – or rather the customers, for we fixed the stove at the far end away from the bar – are a bit more warm in the canteen now.

All day it has snowed; during the day time the snow didn't settle very much – just three or four inches. Tonight however it is 14 inches deep on the gun park. I guess there'll be no trip to Damascus, and no stores either, tomorrow. The snow gathering has caused several roofs of these tin huts to collapse... So far the canteen is OK. We have done what little we can to lessen the weight on the roof.


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