Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sunday 11th July 1943

Today William and I had another of those pleasant all-day “escapist” walks into the country. We again took lunch provided by the Sister, and on this occasion we also took a water bottle full of tea. Which was very nice! We walked straight to the olive trees – about three miles – but found our way barred, at the last cactus hedge, by a newly-stopped gap. However we soon found another wood, with more olive trees, and after lunch we dozed and talked and smoked, and sipped tea for many hours. Few flies...

On our return, at 6 o'clock, we found several people wearing khaki in the ward. A convoy goes tomorrow to the 41st General and later perhaps to Blighty. None of our original party are going, except for John Store. So now there are only seven of us in “the boat club”. Frankly I'm not sorry poor old John is going; he's a bit of a trial to everyone else.


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