Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thursday 16th September 1943

35 furlongs on Tuesday, 23 yesterday and 32 today.

(I record these pacings because they are the only item of a progressive nature.)

Strangely enough, that rumour about a boat homewards between the 15th and 28th has come true – perhaps by chance. Quite a few went away at short notice this morning, including 5 men from ward 3. Many are waiting but few were chosen! There were some gloomy faces around the compound when the lucky ones had gone. Jock, Joe Meek and I (all awaiting transhipment) were mortified. MacKay is not a “D for E” man but we've lost his company just the same for he's been shifted to the open ward (No.4) next door.

Today has been unusually windy. It began to blow – a swirling, dusty wind from the desert – soon after breakfast instead of in the afternoon. It's been the sort of day when one's lungs feel oppressed, when food, pipe or cigarettes lose all savour.


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