Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tuesday 25th April 1933

Queue “A”, 10 a.m. “See Mr, Shaw, this morning.” Three more youths waiting. What was it? Interviews. Vacancies for canvassers! Would we care to take them? (The iron glove). One chap refused and was warned of the consequences. We held a council of war and decided to take the jobs. 12/- a week, plus commission (if any). Cleaning polish, door- to-door. Kicks out of life, Adventure, Heartbreak, Terror, “Fear and be slain”!

Evening. Scout Association Annual Meeting. Usual routine business, elections, reports, programmes etc. A long conflab with Akel afterwards; I confessed my lukewarm attitude towards Scouting now. Of course, he knew it already (psychologist, for nobody else does) and suggested various remedies. Shall think it all over and have another talk next week. “You cannot forget Scouting.”


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