Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday 1st December 1934

The Kings Head. Written beside the fire in the lounge, 10.45p.m. Luncheon OK, Served well, not with the usual boarding house style. Napkin, for instance. The lounge is a large, tastefully decorated room with two fireplaces; willow pattern plates; a clock. It’s been an expensive day though, which has brought the Tangle much closer. Foolishly gave an order for visiting cards…It does me good to write about these things.

Dodger Jones of the Distemper Dept. came with his wife – two pints of beer. A good deal of smoking too. Oh, it seems mean to mention these things but – Tangle. I’m beginning to like the word. Symbolic of the mess ahead, not exactly unhappiness but just a mess. Tangled skein. We discussed work and Dodger remarked that “he’d heard I did some courting”, between 4 and 5 o’clock in the afternoons. So the gossip is beginning!

It’s been a jolly evening on the whole; plenty of people to talk to. Different sorts – Not like the often lonely evenings at digs.

What will the Tangle bring forth? I, what will the unravelling of the skein reveal?
Meanwhile, I’ll have another cigarette!


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