Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thursday 29th November 1934

Cycled to Hounslow Central Tube station this time.

Arrived back there at 10.20. Swift ride back, through patches of fog. 10.40 again found me at a wayside snack bar (eating bread, cheese and pickles!) but several miles nearer to home than before. In my bedroom at digs by 11.20. Total cost 2/half d. Saved, 8 half d plus supper!

Before finishing today’s notes, I must mention the little Incident of the Looking Glass. Crossing the White Room I looked into the small “office” where the Green Eyed Girl sat. Her head was turned away; I glanced beyond and saw a looking glass on the wall. Her dark face reflected in it, looking at me. Seriously, for an instant, then we smiled. But into the mirror, not directly at each other…

NB A year ago I was writing about the “agony of thought”!


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