Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday 26th November 1933

Again the three of us went together. Day began wrongly. Trouble at digs. First time.

A bitter raw day. My face hurt with the cold. Bleak greyness. This devilish winter! We went through bare woods, shuffling among fallen leaves; through heather and across burnt earth; by roads and by railways; yet I did not enjoy it. Damned desolate winter. I lifted her from a fence and called her “armful of loveliness”, but was not happy. Inwardly I sneered and shivered with the biting cold.

Back to digs at 4 o’clock and no tea until 6.30. Crouched over the fire, just becoming warm. It is 6 o’clock. 10 o’clock. Just came up to bed. All the evening I have sat by the fire, scarce moving. “Twixt sleep and waking” Damn the winter!


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