Monday, March 26, 2007

Tuesday 4th December 1934

White Mixing Room, White U/coat Room, White Finishes Dept. Three interlinked departments without a manager or foreman to hold them together… The three departments are run by three charge hands, Gunner, Hiley and Jones.

An idea… Solved the Tangle Extension gloriously – a good beginning. Asked Gunner, without any unpleasantness, if I could spend the spare hour in the White Room, under his eye. So I will kill two – no, no, ALL the birds with one stone!

Half an hour in the Lab. With Daly, at lunch time. His voice and mine, sleepy and soothing. Amongst many other things we discussed my spare hour; I said that I preferred to spend it learning something. At half past four he found me in the Grinding Shop, just finishing the painting of a tank – Joan beside me. The first time he passed, Daly half-smiled; the second time he grinned. The third time he paused to ask if I was learning, as I wished? Delicious moment.

Rainy day. For lunch 1 cigarette, 1 cup of tea. Have no matches left now, so have to light my pipe at the fire! (But what topping meals are served here! And what comfort!)


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