Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friday 11th March 1938

An order from Gower, from Partridge and from Howen. Acting on instructions from Gower, I also saw Brockbank the Architect, at the psychological moment as he left an estate agents office; lunchtime. Gave him a lift home, talked about his sons, the local news and country life. Secured his OK for a minor paint contract at the Hospital this month.

Met Pat this evening and we strolled along Western Esplanade. (“Do you mind if I take your arm?” she asked demurely. (God! I am slow!) Later on I took hers – our forearms together, fingers entwined) Had supper at Barrington’s, then went to no. 218. Soon after 11 o’clock, her mother went tactfully to bed and when my courage had reached sticking point we made love, sitting on the sofa.

I am being domesticated! It is very nice though.


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