Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday 26th March 1938

Eric Travers, who was in digs with me at Herbert Grove, turned up at Eastwoodbury this morning, driving a new Vauxhall Ten (with radio set!) His own – after 18 months. Eric is now travelling for a well known steel firm, Commission basis, territory anywhere. He made some calls with me on ARP work. We called at pubs and hotels in Leigh, inspecting cellars with a view to their conversion into Air Raid Shelters during wartime. Quite interesting. “What do you want the proprietor for, Sir?” “Air Raid Precautions” These magical words never failed to create an impression. Travers loved it. His attitude suggested that he was a Home Office expert or at least a Borough ARP Officer.

Took Pat to Ealing this afternoon, to meet the family. Everyone favourably impressed I think – Pat and the family! Driving homewards at midnight, Pat and I argued fiercely about courage, patriotism, ideals or something similar. Our opinions unfortunately differ greatly, on some things. The we both joked and Pat seemed to go to sleep, wrapped in my rug. I’m learning to drive with the right hand only. And as we neared Southend I put my left arm around her shoulders. She wasn’t asleep. She snuggled nearer and my hand was drawn under the rug and close to her, our fingers interlocked.


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