Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thursday 24th March 1938

Re: Money. I drew £4 from the Bank last Saturday. Yet it has dwindled away and my week’s wages with it! Shall reach next Saturday with something less than 10/- in hand. Not even £1 to hoard for next months hire purchase instalment! Where has it all gone? £1 to Aunt, 9/- for suits being cleaned, 33/- for road fund licence.

But what happened to the rest of it? The car battery is holding it’s charge. The back axle is still throbbing but I have not had to take it in yet. The brakes have been adjusted and the gear box, nipples etc. have been greased. I’ve got about £6 left in the Bank. My next commission cheque is due on May 1st. And that’s the financial position!

Received my discharge (TA) today. A very official-looking little parchment – “In consequence of having made a false statement on Attestation” So theoretically, I am now completely a civilian! Completely a civilian, for the first time since being at Vicarage Road, Egham.


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