Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wednesday 16th March 1938

On the road by 9 o’clock. Dashed into the business, lost no time. So I made 12 calls, took a cheque and three orders (one a new account). Hadleigh, South Benfleet, Canvey Island, Nevendon and Rayleigh. Several promising calls too. And I was back home by 4 o’clock. Shows what can be done.

Tonight I had to go to HMS President, to receive 11/- bounty due for last year. Took Pat with me. Left Leigh at 5:45 and were in Dagenham by lighting up time. Victoria Embankment 7:30. Dare not leave Pat anywhere whilst I went aboard, so obtained permission for her to come and sit in a chair by the ship keeper’s fire on the main deck. Caused a minor sensation; only the second time I’ve seen a woman on board during drills! She sat there quite sedately watching the men dash about. Everyone was very polite, of course.

Supper at Lyons, Charing Cross. We sat near the orchestra and talked about our neighbours. Left Town 10 O’clock. The engine droned peacefully as we jogged along the Old Southend Road. Pat sat quietly, with closed eyes from Rainham, through Grays, until we reached Thundersley.

Arrived at no. 218, midnight. I went in “for a few minutes” and stayed talking to Mrs Retallack until 4:30. Bed soon after 5 o’clock.


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