Sunday, March 02, 2008

Monday 14th March 1938

Called at Grays today – Norman and Co, the merchants who recently sent in a bulk order. No diplomacy was necessary here. The order was from Billings. Afterwards I made a service call at the estate and saw the foreman painter, Lewis. When I opened the mail this evening, there was another enquiry for Beacon Store Co Ltd. Grays. Rather similar to the former query, asking for prices and discounts on Paripan, PHG and Glacier.

NB1 The car has not fallen to pieces yet.
NB2 Have a balance of £10 in Bank.


Hitler marches from triumph to triumph. And German troops march into Austria – now declared a German province after a swift Nazi coup.

Sunday paper headlines:
“Goering sneers at Britain while planes zoom over Vienna.”


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