Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday 27th March 1938

John came for the day. We went on the Pier, laughing loudly, and met Pat and her mother by arrangement. Pat thought John was mad; I don’t know what her mother’s impressions were! In the afternoon, John and I went to Canvey Island. We walked on the seawall and had tea at Ozonia.

I’m wondering what to do with my TA discharge. Must be in something. What? Shall I rejoin the 193rd? Distance is still too great for RNVR to be a practical proposition. Must not make too many changes. But –

John recommends the Signals. Secretly of course, that is my first choice! And an anti-aircraft battery seems a little “pansified” somehow. Home service only, in all probability! Fred Butler confirms this. Apparently the War Minister said something about it, in a recent broadcast. Asked young men to join the Territorial Army but not AA units. Fred Butler also considers that Signals are much more “pukka”.


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