Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wednesday 18th May 1938

Still raining when I awoke today. Packed and took the road to Colchester. The windscreen wiper broke down yesterday but was in working order again today. Click-click-click as the Zephyr crawled up hill and down dale at 25mph.

Depressing day for business. Buyers out or full of complaints. Left my kit at the Colchester digs and crawled on to Frinton-on-Sea in the afternoon. An U/coat Paste White complaint, there! I had felt sure of that. One bright spot, though. The buyer for CH Jones (Frinton) Ltd was out, at my second visit he’d gone home. The clerks nobly told me his private address. His reception was a most pleasant one, he promised to see the Architects with regard to using our paints and gave me an order for 2 gallons of Piccadilly! This luck amazed me after such a day.

The Zephyr crawled back to Colchester (how I’d love to open her out!) whilst the rain fell steadily and the windscreen wipers clicked. Thank heavens there was a fire at the digs. I’m sitting beside it now, pretending this is the month of January.


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