Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Friday 24th March 1939

Things are still happening, internationally – for the worse. Germany has annexed Memel, important seaport in Lithuania. There was no resistance. Although a few days ago, Rumania “appealed to Britain” and “Rejected German demands” she has now concluded an economic agreement which is stated to make her a “branch factory of Germany” and that she is finally committed to the Axis (the Rome – Berlin axis) and that “there is now no question of Rumania co-operating with the Western Democracies and Russia”.

Little seems to have come of Britain’s Nine-Power proposals either. France and probably Russia will stand with us – but we seem so slow and cautious! Today’s statement regarding Poland’s answer is typical:-

“Poland… is unlikely to join in the proposed declaration against aggression… “In Poland we have not a very high estimate of words, declarations and announcements,” said a spokesman at the Polish Foreign Office. "Recollections of the September crisis tend to make the Poles sceptical of aid from Western Powers in times of crisis”. It does not look too bright!

However I’ve had a good week on the road and the turnover for this month will be well above £100!


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