Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday 16th May1939

Drove through flood which reached the running boards, at Hullbridge. Watery Lane had quite a surging current like a river! (This is May). Sixteen calls in the Southend district, two cheques, six orders ā€“ two new accounts.

I called for Lois at 5:30 and carried on working until 8 p.m. Lois with me and helping. Intermittent rain. Shivery weather ā€“ you know that miserable brght! feeling in the region of the shoulder blades? Twelve calls in Chelmsford and the country around. Two orders. Lots of mud, very little sun.

I used to wonder whether I really liked the summer better than the winter. Iā€™m quite sure now!
In cold weather I often feel physically ill, like today, but not when it is hot. Went to the flicks (Chelmsford) at night. It was warm there.


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