Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday 12th May 1939

13 calls in the Southend area. Turnover 13/-.

And it was bitterly cold, with high wind and squalls of rain. And I’d got a headache. (That once frequent swelling inside the nose still comes about twice a year and it’s here now. Will probably be at it’s worst tomorrow and then get better). In any case I’d have felt ill with the hellish cold.

Signals tonight. Things are even more chaotic. Sergeant Quayle is said to be transferring to the Military Police, George Hignall has been suddenly made Lance-Bdr. and Embleton is now acting as Signals NCO. My career as a “cushy” link-line signaller has been all too brief. We’ve all been changed around. The latest recruits are to take over the wireless – blast them! And I’ve got a job which will take a good deal of mastering – exchange operator at the Command Post. We went up to Galleywood Common, to learn our new jobs. I made several blunders. God! It was hellish bloody cold!


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