Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday 4th May 1939

Sunny and dry; even a little warm again.

Meeting of Creditors, an interesting but gloomy experience. With perverse satisfaction I noticed we were the largest creditors so must have been getting most of his business. As usual, the general merchants were the worst sufferers. Four of them stood to lose £100 to £170 each. One merchant sportingly (?) offered to take over the whole show and pay 3/- in the £. This measure could not be adopted without unanimous approval however and there were two dissenting votes – Eastwood’s and Paripans. As another caddish merchant was attempting to get settlement by executing a warrant which he refused to withdraw, we had no alternative but to ask poor JP Carter to file a petition in bankruptcy at Chelmsford).

I took an order – new account – just before tea. Stockist. New account, Billericay £3-0-0 and a window display.

A telegram awaited me at the pub, from head office – “Carter Wickford order 8018 despatched first stop delivery if possible”. Handed in at 10:9 a.m. and they opened my letter at about 9:15. Quick work! I do hope the railway people hold up the cans as promised. (If I once see them, Carter never will!) We shall not save much of the £9 debt but if this extra £2-11-0 is saved it will be a sort of consolation prize.


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