Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday 1st May 1939

What a May-Day! Unceasing rain since I went on the road this morning until now (I’ve just had my tea). Basildon, Grays, Romford and Hornchurch. Three small orders – turnover £2-15-0. I had calls to make also in Ilford and Seven Kings but dare not risk going so far into Town. (The fine for driving with an “obscured” windscreen is £1 or more).

When in Dagenham I drove into Ford House hoping they’d make a repair job rapidly. However the wiper motor was taken out and is to be sent to Lucas’, Birmingham. It isn’t actually a Ford part. I was advised to call back in “about a fortnight” As long as it doesn’t rain every day like this…! So all the afternoon I drove without any wipers at all. One does feel safer if the wiper arms are visible even if not working. Sixty-five miles with an obscured windscreen! What a feat? What an ordeal, especially in the traffic of the London suburbs, always fearing to see a policeman’s grim outstretched hand.

The commission cheque came today. £13. My bank balance seems better than I’d thought – about £20 now. If only there’d be a spell of warm, dry weather!


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