Monday, June 16, 2008

Wednesday 3rd May 1939

Sunny and dry! Eleven calls in Southend and district; one order - £2-4-0.

A nasty surprise in this mornings mail. The Cashier requested me to attend a meeting of Creditors “in the above matter” at Southend on Thursday May 4th. “The above matter” was JP Carter of Wickford. He owes us about £9. Has been a customer ever since March 1937. My first thought was about his delivery of U/coat Paste White on contract, which should have been despatched on May 1st. That would increase our debt by £2-11-0! I rang up Carter Paterson. They did not deliver to Wickford, as I’d expected. So I dashed to Wickford LNER Station and eventually found a fairly intelligent railwayman who said he hadn’t delivered any paint to JP Carter for about a fortnight. If four cans come in, he promised, he’d hold them up. (I explained that they’d been sent in error). I wrote the firm and asked if the consignment had actually been sent.

Met Lois in the evening and we were both happy. Drove home at 11 o’clock in bright moonlight.
Slinky B has had a distressing staccato rattle for some weeks. Most nerve racking, on a bumpy road. However a mechanic more skilful than les autres, located and stopped the rattle today.Tonight therefore, Slinky B slunk once more.


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