Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday 5th May 1939

120 miles today – the Dovercourt journey. Few calls but two orders – one a new account and a total turnover of £7-15-0. Warm and sunny, but a sudden rainstorm in the afternoon, that lasted over an hour, gave me some nasty moments.

Drill night. “Fall out the trained signallers”, said the SM and a very small knot of men moved, in slovenly fashion, away from a long double rank of strangers. We went up to Galleywood Common. I drove one of the W/T trucks (a 30cwt squat powerful vehicle) and gave Hignall, sitting inside, a hell of a time as I slung her round corners. Norrington and I are link-line signallers, ie, we operate the two-way-switches for “A” Troop and “B” Troop respectively. We saw the switches tonight, and fitted them up. Seems a fatuously simple mechanism.

Now I’m going to pack. I hope it’s going to be a rainless weekend for tomorrow – Surrey!

End of White Dew 1939


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