Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday 9th May 1939

Lovely day, sunglasses and all that! I sweltered – and loved it!

Lunch at Dagenham. The wipers were repaired and ready – quicker work than had been anticipated. £1-2-6.

Made ten calls today and took one order. That was a new account, anyhow. 17/-.

Had a cup of tea at The Cottage Café before returning to Stock and licked Joyce Layland soundly, winning twenty five “Players” at darts. A profitable hour!

Evening: found a decrepit boathouse and some decrepit skiffs at Springfield and had a vigorous pull on the Chelmer. Dull stretch of water, ending in lock gates which are eternally closed, but it was good exercise. Now I’ll read a dreadful 10 cents magazine until supper-time.

“All suddenly the wind comes soft…” How true a description of springtime! The cold spells get shorter, the warm spells lengthen, the hot days are more frequent, the evening’s daylight becomes longer! I begin to feel happy, once more, inside! Business is lousy but I still feel happy!


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