Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday 11th May 1939

13 calls in the “short country journey” – Wickford, South Benfleet, Canvey Island etc. 3 orders, £4-6-0. Two cheques, one for £10 from Hadleigh Builders Supply – part settlement of a terribly overdue account. I also took an order (almost) from a curious individual, “somewhat cracked” a customer later told me. His “visiting card” read –

(Picture of a rum little house)
Architectural design and plans by A Boston.
Built by the Albert Boston Co.
Electric lighting, Heating and Special Loudspeakers Installation by The Boston Unit.
The Boston Unit of the Albert Boston Co.
Builders and Contractors. General Electrical and Construction Engineers.
Country Address: Boston Hall, Clarence Road, South Benfleet, Essex.
Albert Boston Donee of His Most Gracious Majesty The Late King George V

The word “Boston” occurs nine times, you see! And “Boston Hall” is a ramshackle little bungalow! The correct name of the firm should be Albert Boston, Builder. Psychologists would have a phrase to fit him. Would it be an ego-centric? Anyhow, the old scoundrel ordered 1 cwt of U/coat Paste White, after a demonstration. In the usual way, I asked if he’d care to give a trade reference… He was furious. Said he’d give a bank reference (quite useless) or pay when the goods came. I could have the money now! No! He wouldn’t be insulted! He wouldn’t take the goods!

That was all in one breath. When he finished I said “Right, You won’t have them” and walked out. He came to the edge of the road just to make sure and bawled, “You’re not to send them! I won’t have it!” This gave me a nasty taste in the mouth but within a few minutes I was among the friendly faces of old customers and could laugh at the poor old fellow.


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