Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday 10th September 1939

Church Parade to the Cathedral this morning, for all units in Chelmsford. RASC, RE and Essex Regt. All used the “threes” drill but the Essex Yeomanry swung all in the more spectacular “Sections of Four” style. Possibly the last time we shall carry out this drill.

Went out with Mary in the afternoon. We lay on the bank of the river, somewhere near Ulting, and read the papers. Practically every paragraph dealt with the war. It seems to me this has been a very peaceful war so far. No British troops in action yet; only one small air attack on German ships at Kiel; and the old German submarine stuff versus British merchantmen and the Navy.

Drove back to the Sunbeam for a late day. Really tasty food there. Ah! Sausage, bacon, egg, chips and tea followed by welsh rarebit and coffee.


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