Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday 20th June 1942

In No.1 General Hospital, somewhere near the Suez Canal, Egypt.

Eventful day; I have been told by the MO that I can emerge from my mosquito net today, also that I may get up after tea-time. I have just finished reading “Wild Strawberries,” a pretty and humorous story by Angela Thirkell. Jack told me this tale during the Jericho leave, but so uncompletely and disjointedly that it became quite necessary to read the book!

This is a bleak desert hospital of tents. Sand all around, bounded in one direction by a belt of trees, which I must investigate as soon as possible.

The desert front news has been deplorable. A couple of days ago we read that the forward “boxes” - including our box – had been evacuated. Now, part of the 8th Army is entrenched on the Libyan-Egyptian Frontier, part is roaming about the desert, probably fighting a rearguard action, and the rest is besieged in the perimeter of Tobruch!

I wonder where 104th is and how they have fared?


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