Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday 30th April 1933

H.F. met at Eastgate 1.30. Hot. A big crowd - 13 – several strangers. Along Burton Road, blazing hot. Charlie on politics. South Carlton. Cows milking time. North Carlton. Fields and paths; along a trench-like ditch. Scampton May’s, funeral cake, innocently eaten by Charlie. Ermine Street. Dark clouds. Tea place, a small bungalow. The proud father, our host. Torrents of rain. My “cocktail” sandwiches. The gregarious Roy – I dislike him, he is a grown–up Timson.

The rain did not cease, so we set out. Cecil and Charlie had no coats, so sheltered under my cape. Like a hen with chicks! We must have looked a strange sight! Through Hackthorne to Welton.

The rain stopped and we met Akel, Hack, Tug and Bill on bikes. Two people caught the bus home – one of them Roy. We others walked on to Lincoln. Main road all the way. Evening singing nursery rhymes. Charlie, Molly and I dropped behind. Molly’s enemy and her old love affair. Home 10 o’clock. 20 miles. Hazel or Blue? Neither.


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