Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wednesday 26th April 1933

Labour exchange 9.20a.m. Nine of us waiting outside the interview room. Three refused altogether. Six of us took it on. I was interviewed by a small, greasy man with dirty fingernails – my future supervisor, and an Exchange officer. To be take into the country by van and let loose on villages. Hours 8.30 to 5.00 Later we all went to see Mr.Shaw re signing off.

Presently (after the supervisor had told us to be at the “Horse and Groom” at 8’30 tomorrow) he came and said the whole thing was off! He had telephoned Leeds and discovered the firm was not quite satisfactory. So we should have been welshed! Four of us arranged to be at the “Horse and Groom” tomorrow to see what happened.

Library in the afternoon. No jobs. Met Blue-Eyes, for the third time. I took a book of Service’s poems. Lowbrow, but they always stir me.


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