Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday February 5th 1933

A lovely warm, sunny day. Out with Akel. Motored to Pyewipe, where we left the car. Then, along the waterside towards Saxilby. Railway, road and water all parallel and nearly level. Ferried across the dike by a friendly countryman in a precarious punt. Along roads, through a small village to Shillingthorpe Ferry. This was closed, so we crossed at Pyewipe.

In the afternoon when it was colder, to Sudbrooke. We cleared away some fallen timber and Akel taught me the first principles of axemanship. Sudbrooke is wonderful. Even better than Ullesthorpe! In the evening I met Tom and went to a Spiritualist Meeting with him – held in a dingy hall in a poor quarter. Hymns, lectures and clairvoyance. “I see an old lady….” Once she saw a Roman Catholic Priest unpleasantly near me. Telepathy plus applied psychology and study of human nature?


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