Monday, March 26, 2007

Thursday 6th December 1934

Beginning of Midnight

It is actually midnight! The church clock is booming twelve now! Good luck to the new chapter! Audrey, Peggy, Magna Charta, Richmond Road, TocH, The Making House – all in the past. Even as I write, the present becomes the past.

And the future?

“With laughter then, I go to greet
What fate has still in store for me….”
A year ago I was saving up for an outing with Peggy and denied myself cigarettes. I did not smoke yesterday but today at lunchtime, in the Runnymede Snack Bar, my resolution broke down. Ten Gold Flake. There are now five left. A year ago I had 7/half d. Now I have 8/10d. an increase! A year ago the Making House foreman showed me how to run my first gum. Today in the White Grinding Dept., we canned 353 gallons in gallon cans. Sore, dirty fingers.

It rained steadily all day. Coming down from Town I told Jones that Miss Walmsley and I had arranged to see each other tomorrow night. Said it suddenly, after letting him think it was all without any foundation. Oh heavens, his face! I seem to have lots of happy moments from this affair, before it has begun. However I must not let her interfere with my work; nor must I with hers. At the Works, Miss Walmsley and Mr Dawson!

Saw Audrey just getting in the train I had left, at Staines. Went behind her, pinched her arm and said “hullo, you.” We had about 30 seconds before she went. Topping to have a girl-friend like her – actually a friend.


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