Sunday, July 06, 2008

Monday 11th September 1939

Every day, almost, a list of names is read out on parade and those mentioned fall-out and shortly disappear. Jennings is now at RHQ – in the office. Fenning, Boden, Hignall, Shead, Ron Sorrell and Gobey are all RHQ or BHQ telephonists.

“Hemmings” Hamick has gone to Div. HQ at Hertford (as a driver-batman of all things!)
Sergt. Major Miller has gone to Larkshill for a course. My name has never been called and I’m indifferent anyhow. I wouldn’t be unduly perturbed whether I “stayed put”, transferred, was put in another section, or given another job (like four men today, sent to work on a farm). This is because I’ve regained all my old philosophical fatalism. Perhaps just as well to be a fatalist, in the Army.

Marching drill this afternoon – the new threes formation. Much simpler but less swashbuckling.

A quiet evening at the flicks, with Sid Pond – cinemas have re-opened, thank heavens.


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