Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday 6th May 1933

An ideal day; heat tempered by a cool breeze. Caught the 2.45 bus to Market Ranson with George and two new members, Eddie and Frank. Met at Ranson by Gwen, Doris and Cecil.

Shopping. A warm walk to the hostel, Tealby. Through woods to a sunny farmhouse near the hill top. The warden. We all signed the house-book and handed over our membership cards. Tea on a clean, white trestle table in the kitchen. Hostel provided tea – two huge mugs each. Four bedrooms. George, Eddie and myself shared one. A walk to Market Ranson. Late sun – the last we saw at Tealby!

Night. The football results. Rain. Fish and Chips in a shop. Only Cecil ate all! Rain ceased. We sing our way back to the hostel. Precarious route through the dark and watery wood. A lighted window. The warden was eating his supper and reading a detective novel. About 11p.m. Bed soon after. Three blankets each and one for a pillow. Small camp beds. Sleepy conversation. Silence. Blankness. Cold; rolled my blankets around me. Blankness. The room growing lighter.

Another interval, then Eddie’s voice, saying “good morning.”


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