Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tuesday 3rd October 1933

Post came as I was at breakfast. Letter from Bradford 10/- Safe! Walking to Paripan after dinner, across the Medes, I solemnly ate a bar of chocolate, then removed my Scout badge from it’s button hole. It rests in my pocket now. Souvenir.

Bus to London after tea. Most of the journey we were actually in London. Terribly big place. Thrilling too. Piccadilly Circus at night, Oxford Circus. Polytechnic Sports Club. Wonderful place. Theatre, restaurant; club - heaven knows what! Shall join if I can afford it. By bus to Primrose Hill and back. Called at 11 Ormonde Terrace but Uncle Jim was not in. Caught 9.45 bus Regent Street. It left me outside Magna Charta 10.45 So to bed.

London! Thrilling word. When I get moved to Paripan’s office, at Piccadilly.


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