Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thursday 25th June 1942

Well, all my Tuesday's anger about my kit was wasted. I've got it! Perhaps not exactly unmerited disgust, though. Army inefficiency (not thievery) caused my kit to be delivered to the wrong hospital and Army disorganisation let it remain there, unclaimed. Fortunately, however, the pack store sergeant here was a man of some initiative who refused to give up hope (as I did!) and would not be baffled by red tape. Through his efforts the battered old pack and “Dawson his ditty box” have now arrived here and been delightedly examined by me. I reckon the sergeant was almost as pleased as I was!

A tank trooper has just come into this ward – straight from the front. He has recently seen the HAC and 1st RHA but had no news of 104RHA. They appeared to be evacuating Sollum, Capuzzo and Helfaya Pass when he came through... This trooper has been a prisoner of war twice this month and managed to escape on both occasions. He tells the usual story – of decent treatment from Jerry and absolutely inhuman treatment from the Iti. Several of the prisoners were murdered by the Iti some considerable time after their capture and whilst with Iti they had hardly any water. The “tankie” said that some of their Jerry captors shook hands and apologised before delivering them to the Iti.

All this is in accordance with most of the stories one hears.


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