Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday 7th May 1933

Raining steadily. Played cards in the kitchen after breakfast. The morning drifted by and we waited hoping for the weather to clear. It still rained steadily.

We stayed for dinner and packed our kit. Arrival of about 20 Grimsby cyclists, wet and hungry.

We walked into the downpour at 1.30p.m. Hostel fee only 1/8, with eggs, milk, tea etc. Market Ranson. Gwen, Cecil and Doris caught the bus here; the four die-hards marched on. Soon wet. Rain relentless. Bleak roads “Rolling home” “John Brown’s Body”. Feet aching and wet; knees wet; shoulders wet, as the rain was running in the top of the cape. “Lincoln. 8 miles” Woodside Café. A snug little hut. Hot tea and sandwiches. Made entries in the Visitor’s Book. After half an hour we were feeling chilly so went on. Raining steadily. Dunholme. Nettlesham Road. Struck 6.30 as we reached the boundary.

Home 7 o’clock, with Frank. 20 miles in 5 ½ hours – and what a twenty!


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