Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday 4th December 1933

That wind was worse today. It slashed us as we worked in the yard, blew right into the open making house. Wore gloves during the afternoon.

Pocket money arrived and it is all allocated. To have enough for Addlestone, expenses must be cut severely. No cigarettes, no ink, no writing paper – think I shall just manage. At present have got 5/8d cash and 1/4d reserve (owed by Harvey). This evening he is out with her, but am I troubled? No! Have had quite an interesting night. Wrote letters, sent off my laundry, had a hair cut, read a good thriller (“The Chinese Parrot”) and did not think at all. Spent a reckless 2d on chocolate. Think I have squared all obligations for this week now. Feel happy. Sat by the fire from 10 to nearly 12 o’clock, talking to Harvey. We’re becoming quite friendly.


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