Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday 3rd December 1933

4p.m. “Thus from the grave, I rise to save my love! Out swords and follow me!” Which poetry describes my mood. I left my troubles to Fate and this is what has happened:

Morning, a brisk walk to Staines, in the cruel wind. Sorrowful thoughts; returned with slight headache.

Afternoon, borrowed Harvey’s bike and cycled aimlessly. Staines. Laleham. Savage wind. Shepperton. I would surrender to the wind and return! No, not yet. Kept on. Crossed the wintry Thames and turned towards Chertsey. The wind behind me and not so bitter. Weybridge. Saw a cinema poster advertising the Plaza, at Addlestone. An idea came to me. Cycled on, becoming warm at last. Addlestone was just off my road; went through until I found the Plaza. Next weekend – “Central Airport”. A notice mentioned that cycles could be stored. Decent looking place. Nearby was a café, “open until 11p.m.”.

Cycled on, through Chertsey, thinking deeply until I knew! “Central Airport”: everything fitted in! Rode fast into Egham, the good old wind blowing me on. Singing to myself. A few minutes later, I saw Peggy just riding off the Medes. Stopped. Would she come to Addlestone Plaza with me on Saturday? She would. But she thought I – Oh, that was nothing, I said airily. A slight misunderstanding. I really meant I did not want to se her again on the old footing. But there were other footings too, don’t you know. So it is arranged. It is growing dark and is very cold outside. But in this cheery room it is cosy and warm.

11p.m. Just returned from Wood Haw. Peggy fetched Harvey and I across for supper. The pianola, a card game, “Spoons” and Mah Jong – some infernally intricate Chinese game. Nice to have a decent meal once more. In fact, quite an enjoyable evening.


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