Monday, March 12, 2007

Wednesday 6th December 1933

Happy days are here again! Ran my first gum today (with the foreman watching anxiously). Ticklish moments as the first 10 gallons of oil ran into the hot gum. Would it fire? It did not. Looked after that pot most of the day and when the cooling and mixing was finished at night, I had made 85 gallons of varnish.

Peggy came after tea, to say, could we go to Addlestone tomorrow night instead of later? Nervous, which I enjoyed. Said I would tell her at lunch time tomorrow. My financial state is now: Cash 3/2d halfpenny, Reserve (Harvey) 3/10d. The question is, can Harvey raise that 3/10d in time? A mutual protection plot and so many discussions and secret confidences.

Fairly early to bed tonight – 10.30p.m. Think ink is weak; have mixed the dregs with water as I cannot afford a new bottle. Have not smoked this week. Will! But is it? There has been little effort needed.


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